Welcome on ethereality with Heather & Rosetta.  —︎  Hostess of air should seat and assist passengers in hot air.  —︎  Hosting clear skies and empty spaces of all sorts.  —  Hostess of air should act as master of ceremonies in turbulent times.  —  
Heather and Rosetta, self-employees of their own air company.
The condition of air is what makes them deal with emptiness and
in a physical and existential way. As a moderator of the vacuum,
they assure to provide great service at all times, but not really.

With the kind participation of Kitty Maria and Élise Ehry.
Photos by Chris Rijksen / Gottfried Haider / Arthur Tramier Clément Carat Cyril de Ménouillard Elise van Mourik
Web Design by Baptiste Guesnon
CSS 3D Clouds by Jaume Sánchez
? Apparition Happening
Grand Opening Deborah Bowmann, Blue curtains, Black coffee, Amsterdam, 2014 Moonlight Center, WOW Amsterdam, 2015 Femmes fontaines, 2015
Grand Salon N°1 Deborah Bowmann, Amsterdam, 2015 A Fool's errand, a small gesture on the stupidity of paying a rent, Amsterdam, 2015
Hosting air for DO DISTURB!, Festival at Palais de Tokyo - Paris, April 2016 Ethereality for The One Minute Video, Sandberg Series - Amsterdam, June 2016
Plein air for LIVE TRANSMISSION, Residency in Pouldergat - France, August 2016